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A tree planting initiative for a more sustainable future

Natural hardwood is an undeniable hallmark of an Urban Front door. Expert craftsmanship, high-end materials, performance and overall beauty in all of our doors is what delights our customers and sets us apart from other door manufacturers.

With natural materials being such an important part of what we do, we recognise that it’s even more important to be transparent and active in ensuring we are doing our bit to sustain our planet for the future.

We already operate a number of environmental initiatives intended to reduce our manufacturing footprint.

And in 2021 and beyond, we’re very excited to be taking it a big step further by partnering up with Gone West in a transformative tree-planting venture.

A new tree planted for every Urban Front door made

This partnership kicks off with a simple pledge from us – for every Urban Front door we make, Gone West will plant a new native hardwood tree somewhere in the UK.

Every new tree planted can offset up to 1 tonne of CO2 emissions over its lifetime (and is on average, twice the amount of wood that’s actually used to make each door).

With 150 tree planters operating globally, Gone West have planted more than 4 million trees since 2013. Their philanthropic vision is to create environmental and social benefits around the world: generate ethical, green jobs and help to establish, or restore, natural habitats.

Given how much our high specification doors rely on the beauty and materials of nature, we can’t think of a more appropriate cause to support locally here in Britain.

Urban Front plants 200 trees at Orchard Farm, Leicester

A valuable ongoing cause deserves a special project to get things going, so we were over the moon when Gone West got in touch with us about Orchard Farm in Leicestershire.

With Saxon origins, this historic farm has been owned by the Keal family for 100 years. Occupying 70 vast acres, the land hasn’t been ploughed for more than 300 years. So the Keals keep pasture-fed cattle, giving them the freedom to roam and live a healthy outdoor life without the restrictions of man-made processes and interferences that are often associated with grain-fed cattle.

This also means that the land is home to plenty of other wildlife, undisturbed by traditional farming practices, with roe, deer, rabbits, woodpeckers and many more able to live in harmony in this beautiful rural spot.

With this serene space comes plenty of opportunities to build and preserve more natural tree systems today and going forwards. Urban Front are so happy to support this particular project at the start of our journey with Gone West and will contribute at least 200 new trees (to be planted by primary teacher John Keal) in a small coppice area on the farm. 

Our ongoing pledge of sustainability

Sustainability is one of Urban Front’s core business values: we manage resources smartly, minimising our impact on the environment. We continuously try to identify areas that we can make more environmentally sustainable.

Our ongoing target with this initiative is to keep increasing the number of trees we are able to plant per door and to keep playing a vital role in reducing and offsetting our carbon footprint.

We’re proud to be making this important small step towards a brighter and better future for our planet. And while we know that there is a very long way to go, our ethos dictates that every contribution that gives back something that is naturally taken away, is a venture worth embarking on. We look forward to supporting this cause and many more local communities in the future.

If you’d like any more information about our work with Gone West or any of our environmental policies, do get in contact with our office on 01494 778 787 or e-mail us

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