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Front door ideas

Your front door is (usually) the first thing visitors see when they arrive at your house and it's also the gateway to your personal space. So it goes without saying that many people want to choose a front door that not only looks great but also reflects their personal style and enhances the overall aesthetic of their home.

Whether you're looking to add kerb appeal, increase energy efficiency, or simply update the look of your home, you're sure to find some good ideas here!

Get started with our articles below and explore the many possibilities of front doors. 

The front (far right) is large and set in glazing while the two secondary doors have the same finish and handles.


Design decision: should your external doors match?

When it comes to exterior design, one common dilemma is whether your front door should match the other external doors. The key is to strike a balance between harmony and distinction. Explore our guide for expert tips and inspiring examples to help you make the best design decision for your home.

7 reasons to choose a hardwood door header image website


Material choice: 7 reasons to choose a hardwood door

Natural hardwood is a hallmark of an Urban Front door, embodying expert craftsmanship, high-end materials, performance, and beauty. Despite the abundance of misleading information about wood, we aim to highlight the truth about this beautiful material. Here are seven compelling reasons to choose a hardwood door

header image meet the makers made in britain


Made in Britain: meet the makers

We're celebrating the skill of makers working with different sustainable materials to craft bespoke products. From a sustainable Urban Front door handcrafted in Chesham to Sandy Buchanan’s fallen timber furniture created in London to the blacksmithing skills of Nigel Tyas Ironwork in Sheffield, these makers care about their craft and the planet. 

balancing privacy and natural light 3


How to balance natural light and privacy at the entrance to your home

Selecting a new front door for your renovation or new construction project is already a difficult task, but what about privacy and light. We look at 12 ways you can achieve the right balance. 

Postbox front door ideas


You’ve got mail: the merits of a practical postbox

Common in the US, the postbox is having a moment in the UK for both aesthetic and practical reasons. Find out what advantages they offer home owners and check out our postbox recommendations.

webinair thumb v3


Essential factors to consider when choosing a front door

By thinking about design, security and performance you’ll choose a front door that enhances your home's appearance, provides excellent insulation, longevity performance, and meets your security requirements. Elizabeth Assaf, Urban Front Co-Founder and Designer, shares her advice in this recent webinar. 

The glass of this facade dominates the entrance way but the fumed oak front door is the standout element bringing the variety of mixed building materials together


Front door ideas for houses with stone

Stone, in all forms, is having a moment and, just like metals, it’s here to stay. It’s a material that works beautifully with contemporary and classic building styles. Hardwood doors look stunning with stone – it’s the texture that works so well together. Mixing textures, different timbers and stone can achieve a spectacular finish.  

south facing doors u values


U Values & your front door: a guide to saving energy and reducing bills

We often think about windows when it comes to home energy efficiency. But what about doors?

While they may take up less space overall, doors can be a surprising source of energy loss - and costing you more than they should. Keep reading to learn all about U values and why they are important to the door and window choices you make for your home. 

It can be difficult to judge scale from a picture but this door is about 3ft taller than the average man in the UK


6 top front door trends transforming homes in 2023

Come inside with us as we look ahead to the biggest door trends for 2023 and beyond. What are the themes that our clients are getting most excited about?

Find out here.

sidelights and panels


How to choose the right entrance configuration for your house

Choosing a new, single front door for your renovation or new build can be challenge enough.

But what about when space – or preference – demands an even more complex, impressive entrance way? What options are available beyond a single door and how should you go about choosing the ideal entrance configuration for your project?

Make Your Driveway Look More Expensive 4


7 tips to making your driveway look more expensive

A beautiful and well-maintained driveway can instantly elevate the aesthetic appeal of your home’s frontage. Whether you have a large or small budget,  here are some expert tips to transform your driveway into a luxurious and expensive-looking feature.

Getting started with front door ideas

Choosing a new front door comes with excitement - and a lot of possible choices. Browsing front door ideas is a great place to start when looking for inspiration and information, whether you’re working on a new build or renovation.

For many homeowners, when starting on this journey, the initial focus is commonly on what the door will look like. After all, aesthetics & kerb appeal are a key background motivator for undertaking a front door upgrade or when planning a new dwelling.

As the journey to buy a new front door evolves, functionality and security have come to the forefront and before you know it, making the right door choice means getting to grips with a lot of detail that you might not have even been aware of before! 

How in depth your door journey is really depends on each individual project, personal preferences  and of course budgets. Where budgets are lower, a less bespoke, ready-made door in something like UPVC might be preferred. 

Where budgets allow for more freedom and preferences lean towards more of a statement, a specialist, custom-made door will likely be the order of the day.  

The front door idea articles contained in this section above cover a range of topics and are geared towards those seeking a more bespoke, exclusive type of door (because that’s what we make at Urban Front!). 

Regardless of which budget category you fall into, the topics will give you great starting points to get your thought process going.