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Door configurations

The simplest door configuration is a single doorset. However, you may wish to include additional elements such as glass or wood panelling around your door to highlight or blend in with particular features.

Urban Front offer a wide variety of configuration options and some of the most popular combinations are shown below.

Single or double doors

Glass side panels (sidelights)

Choosing a front door with sidelights is an ideal way to increase the natural light that enters your property. Our sidelights are made from insulated, anti-bandit security glass and you can choose from a clear or sandblasted finish. A clear finish is our most popular choice, but you may want to choose a sandblasted finish if you're keen to have the look of a sidelight, whilst maintaining additional privacy.   

Wood side panels

Wood side panels door configurations Urban Front

The benefits of choosing a front door with a side panel include giving the impression of a wider entrance opening. You may want to choose one or two matching side panels and, depending on space, you might decide to complement this further with a combination of side panels and sidelights to really showcase your entrance way!   

Overhead glass panel (storeylight)

door configurations Urban front 20

Overhead glass panel door configurations Urban Front

Overhead wood panel

Overhead wood panel (+2 sidelights) | Urban Front

Similarly to wood side panels, a wood overhead panel can add to the illusion of a larger front door - in this case, with extra height. This can be of particular benefit if your property is multiple levels but lacks width. Equally, you may wish to incorporate a combination of side and overhead panels to suit the dimensions of any property layout.

Glass types

Milano front door | European Oak | Urban Front

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