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Urban Front are a leading manufacturer of pivot doors in the UK with 15 years of design & development experience. 

We handcraft one of the most airtight pivot doors available on the market. And we sell them not just in the UK, but to many countries across the world - with a lot of those locations experiencing wildly varying weather types!

If you’re looking for a statement entrance, this type of door might well be the one for you.

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what you need to know about pivot doors

Before purchasing a pivot door, it’s important to make sure you understand as much as possible about the suitableness of this door type for your property.

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1. What are the benefits of a pivot door v.s a hinged door?

The main benefit of a pivot door is the stylish design element of how they open. 

Pivot doors literally hinge from the bottom and top of a door instead of on the side and offer a very contemporary look.

In the past, pivot hinges were used for bigger doors. However, Urban Front can make doors up to 1500mm wide on specially designed 3D heavy duty hinges too.

So your choice of a pivot or hinged door will be partly determined by the desired aesthetic for your entrance way. However, a pivot opening comes with a few more considerations than a hinged door might - keep reading below!

2. Is a pivot door fully weather sealed?

No, there is an area of 2mm around the top and bottom hinge of the door that the drop down seals don’t cover.  This means that the door could have some water ingression in driving rain or a little draft in very windy weather. 

We always recommend pivot doors to be installed in a semi or fully protected location.

3. Is a pivot door suitable for an exposed area?

No, it wouldn’t be due to the points raised in Question number 2.

However, if the door has a porch, is set back or has an overhang of a minimum of half the door size then the door would be fine. The examples in our picture gallery show a selection of pivot doors with different types of covering. Click or swipe across to view more examples.

4. Can I use a pivot door if I am air testing my new build?

You can still use a pivot door, but you will get air leakage in the door area.

This is usually not taken into consideration because of the relatively small area in comparison to the size of the house. Our doors are regularly air tested by our clients on their new build projects with good results reported. But for best air test results consider our e80 Hinged or e98 Passiv Range.

Our hinged doorsets can still be made up to 1500mm wide. 


5. Will I lose space in the walkthrough area?

Yes, the pivot hinge needs to be placed at least 200mm – 350mm from the edge of the door (depending on the width of the door).  

This means that on a standard doorset of 1200mm wide, you would actually have an opening of 930mm. On a hinged doorset of 1200mm wide your walkthrough would be 1113mm.

6. Does a pivot door cost more?

All of our doors over 1200mm wide are the same price for pivot or hinged options. A pivot door does need a minimum width of this size.

This is why they are more expensive than other doorsets that are at a narrower width. Doorsets narrower than 1200mm are only available with a hinged opening.

7. How do I know that a pivot door is right for my project?

We’re here to help! If you have any questions or want to discuss your property and location in more detail, simply contact us via our our general enquiry form here or give our office a call on +44 (0)1494 778 787.

Our door experts are on hand to give you personalised advice and help you find your perfect door.

ready to choose a pivot door design?

All of our front door & internal door designs can be made with a pivot system.

However pivot doors look exceptional on some of our ultra-contemporary door designs. In particular, the Manhattan, the Sorrento and the Parma tend to really suit a pivot door style.

Urban Front pivot doors start from a minimum width of 1200mm up to a maximum width of 1500mm and up to 3000mm in height (including the frame).

Keep this in mind if you are planning to include one or more side wood or glass panels as you will need to ensure your structural opening has enough space.

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