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High-security front doors

When it comes to home security, your front door is a crucial element that requires careful thought. A high-security front door isn’t just nice to have - it’s a necessity for peace of mind. Find out what steps we take to ensure security is as important as design and performance. With an Urban Front door, there's no need to compromise. 

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Urban Front clients can be confident they are choosing a certified high-performing security product.

Our doors are beautiful, functional and highly secure. All three of these elements are of equal importance when we're creating your door. We never compromise safety for design aesthetics. 'Performance design' means a door that looks great and performs to the highest standards in all aspects of functionality and security. For more information, browse the drop-down options below or give us a call on (+44) 1494 778 787 or email

Secured by Design

Secured by Design (SBD) is the official police security initiative that improves the security of buildings and their immediate surroundings to provide safe places to live, work, shop and visit.  

SBD’s product-based accreditation scheme – the Police Preferred Specification – provides a recognised standard for all security products that can deter and reduce crime by up to 75 percent. 

Urban Front has been a member of Secure by Design since 2017. To achieve this standard our doors were tested to LPS1175 standard through BRE Group in 2016 and we are audited annually to maintain our certification. 

High-security locking system

Urban Front's door security at-a-glance: 

  • Every Urban Front door has a manual, multipoint lock as standard – the more points, the more security. 
  • You can choose additional security enhancement options such as fingerprint entry and motorised locking. 
  • Urban Front has achieved several security accreditations and certifications from recognised UK industry bodies.  
Anti-bandit glass

Anti-bandit glass is a laminated glass made up of two annealed glass sheets bonded together by 1.5mm thick plastic interlayer. Tested to BS 5544, the security glass is designed to resist manual attack and to delay access to a protected space for a short period.

Urban Front uses anti-bandit glass in all relevant projects for your security.

Types of locks

5point locking: Our doors come with a 5point locking system as standard, which is activated using a security key on the exterior and a thumb turn internally. The 5 locking points are bolts that shoot out and are located at optimum points on the side of the door to provide extra security.  

Mechanical self-locking: this multipoint lock locks itself when the door closes so you don’t have to manually turn the thumb turn yourself.  This is a mechanical lock and is not connected to any electric supply.   

Motorised Multipoint lock: this option needs to be connected to an entry system and an electric supply. The benefit is that it self-locks when the door closes and can also be opened remotely depending on the entry system used with it. 


Security keys

We only issue and deliver security keys to the person registered with Urban Front as the owner of the property. In addition, keys can only be delivered to the registered property address and extra keys need to be authorised by our office. 

High security front doors lock

What front door security is best for you?

Don't let the question of front door security overwhelm you. We can guide you through the main points and considerations with a series of questions to help you reach the decision that best suits your home and family.  

  • You might want to think about whether you want to be able to see visitors via a door viewer or entry system or whether privacy is more important.  
  • Will you regularly use your front door or is there another door used more frequently?  
  • Are you concerned about children losing their keys?  
  • Do you want a letterbox in your door and what does this mean for security?  

To work through these and other factors, click here. 


What's inside an Urban Front door?

An Urban Front door is created from several elements designed with security as the priority. Depending on what you choose, hardwood is likely to be the exterior and interior of your door but between those two you'll find steel reinforcement, an insulation and ventilation system and stabilising layers. Click on the video on the left for a closer look.

1. 3d hinges
2. Inner wood frame
3. 5 point lock (see page 3 for all locking options)
4. Thumbturn cylinder
5. Eco Wood Fibre insulation / Ventilation system           
6. Double steel reinforcement
7. Handle (pull & lever styles available)
8. Mobility threshold (Part M)
9. Hardwood frame (see next page for details)


a. Interior solid wood lamination layer 5mm 
b. Interior composite stabilising layer 10mm
c. Exterior composite stabilising layer 10mm
d. Exterior solid wood lamination layer 5mm



Security & performance

Elizabeth Assaf, co-founder & lead designer at Urban Front guides you through the exceptional security & performance benefits that go into the making of each and every one of our doors.

Click the image to watch our short video.

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