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door maintenance

maintenance faqs
How do I look after my door?

Depending on the finish supplied for your door, we supply various maintenance sheets so it’s best to email us. 

If you are not sure what finish is on your door, please email us the name of your order or an image so we can work it out from our records.

What natural changes in the door finish might I see occur over time?

This really depends on the finish. For example, metallic doors tend to oxidise over time and hardwood doors can darken or lighten in colour, and develop hairline splits.

I can see you sell maintenance oil and lacquer how do I know which to buy?

It should say on your order/invoice which one you had initially, but if you are not sure you can email us and we should be able to find the information in our records. If we can’t, we may ask you to send us an image of the door to help us help you.

How do I get more keys for my door?

You can order more keys from the shop on our website. You do need to know the key number which is located on the key itself. Please do make sure that you are listed with us as the owner of the property as otherwise you will need to prove it with utility bills.

My door isn’t closing properly what should I do?

This could be a variety of issues. It’s possible that the door needs the hinges or pivot adjusting, the lock is not engaging properly or the latch needs adjustment. If you are not sure which it is please do feel free to email us with a video of the issue.

Can you supply a new cylinder?

Yes we are able to supply a new cylinder if you need it and this is possible to purchase on our online shop.

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