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RIBA CPD offering

Since 2013 Urban Front have been part of the RIBA CPD Network.

We offer an in-house CPD seminar entitled "Specifying hardwood timber external doorsets". And our inspirational, RIBA certified book "Door Couture" is available from our online shop. 

We also have a large selection of CPD certified reading materials across this website. You can find more details on all of these offerings below.

1. CPD presentation

riba cpd offering presentation Urban Front

"Specifying Hardwood Timber External Doorsets"

The objective of this CPD presentation is to enthuse and inform architects about specifying hardwood internal and external doors. It also includes detailed information about Passivhaus doors.

The presentation is both engaging and informative and allows architects to get their hands on samples, sections and cut-aways (we always find architects love getting to grips with the actual products).

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2. RIBA certified book

RIBA book door courture

"Door Couture: A Unique Perspective of Contemporary Door Design"

Let Door Couture take you on an inspirational journey into the art and science of beautiful contemporary door design. 

A design lover’s ideal coffee table book, Door Couture combines stunning photography and inspirational door design, with key facts for those with a deeper interest in architecture. From door handles to materials, colour to placement - no element is left unexplored.

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3. Further RIBA certified CPD reading

We offer a variety of RIBA certified reading materials across this site. Each one is highlighted with the red RIBA badge. 

See some examples below and follow the link to browse all RIBA certified articles.

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