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How bespoke door pricing works

There are many benefits to choosing a made-to-measure, bespoke front door, not least because it can add real value to your home.

Creating something custom and personal means you are buying into quality, craftsmanship and exclusivity. You'll have choice - lots of choice - and a number of decisions to make, all of which can influence the final price of your door. 

oak door pricing

Choosing the right door for your budget

As a general guide, our standard front door prices start from around £5,500 + VAT based on a basic spec and handle option (standard door size up to 1040mm x 2100mm, “Raw” door design in European oak with small stainless steel handles and no other extras).

We’ve put together the following to explain how different choices can affect these starting prices so you’ll have everything you need when you request a quote.

Standard v.s oversized doors

1. Door size:

Our standard door sizes are 1040mm x 2100 for hinged doors and 1200mm x 2100mm for pivot doors.

Urban Front are specialists in oversized doors up to max.1500mm wide x 3000mm tall. When your door size goes over our standard sizes, the price will increase (in increments up to the maximum sizes). 

2. Door structure:

The structure relates to how the door is built and how it sits in the frame. Our standard structure is “recessed” on the exterior side, the door sits back slightly in the frame.

The other option is “flush” where the door face (“door leaf”) sits flat in-line with the front of the frame. Both options are flush on the interior side.

If you choose a fully flush option, the door will be more expensive as this door is our thickest option (98mm v.s 80mm for the recessed), it needs more materials and takes longer to build.

Watch our video in the gallery to see the visual differences between the 2 door structures.

(We also have a specialist "Passive" structure, designed for and certified to, Passivhaus standards. Learn more here.

3. Door design:

Our most minimal designs (examples: Raw, Porto, Parma) are amongst the most cost-effective options.

Designs that are more complicated take longer to build and/or use additional materials and will come in at a higher price. This includes designs that feature glass which come in the mid-range of our portfolio (like the Terano & Sorrento) and especially doors that have specialist features like raised panels or concealed handles (examples: Bari, Ring).

Our other designs will fall somewhere in between.

4. Door material:

Urban Front are specialists in real natural hardwood doors. We offer 4 rich, durable timbers and a number of other external finish options including RAL-painted finishes and real metallic bronze finishes.

For entry-level pricing, choose a painted finish or European oak from our hardwoods. Fumed oak and walnut hardwoods and the bronze finishes will sit at the higher end of the price scale.

5. Door locking

Door security is a top priority at Urban Front and our doors come fitted with a robust, 5 point lock as standard.

However, we can also offer additional locking systems:

1. Self-locking - this is a mechanical option that automatically engages the lock when the door is closed (with the standard lock, the door will be shut on the latch but you need to use the key to fully lock it from the outside)

2. Motorised locking - this is electrical (and will require an electrician onsite for final wiring). This offers the same benefit as the self-lock but can also be linked up with keyless entry systems.

3. Fingerprint entry - we can supply a fingerprint entry system (in conjunction with the motorised lock). We do not supply any other keyless systems but they can be installed with motorised locking as mentioned above.

Any of the options outside our standard 5 point lock will add to the price of your quote.

6. Extras:

This includes things like additional glass/wood side or overhead panels, number/letter etching, letterplates/mailboxes - these will add to the cost of your quote.

We have a range of handle options that can suit all budgets but longer and/or black/bronze handles will be more expensive than our shorter and/or stainless steel options.

We're here to help you find the perfect door. If you're unsure what you need or what works with your budget, give us a call on 01494 778 787 or e-mail:

We'll be happy to help you find the best solution.