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Urban Front is run by a young enthusiastic team of designers, led by the directors who are a husband and wife team, Nabil & Elizabeth Assaf.  

Get to know some of our key staff members by reading about them below.

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Nabil Assaf

Nabil was born in Beirut, Lebanon and migrated to England in 1992. After several years spent working various sales and banking roles, he turned his hand to property development.
Discovering a passion for design and interiors, he committed himself to
studying product design. An unsuccessful search for the perfect front door to
match his 1960s home, led Nabil to build his first door. That door, built in
2000 using a small piece of cedar and a lot of elbow grease, planted the seed
that would eventually grow into Urban Front.

Elizabeth Assaf

Australian/ Lebanese born Elizabeth, travelled to Manchester in 1995 to complete her studies in television. She spent the years following her graduation working in a variety of roles on UK television programs whilst also working with Nabil, whom she had met and married along the way, on properties he was developing.
A few years passed and Elizabeth found herself able to combine her interest in design with her job in television production; working on shows like Property Ladder and Changing Rooms, before taking the decision to launch Urban Front.

Working together Elizabeth and Nabil design all the doors for Urban Front.


Victoria is our in-house Graphic Designer making everything you see in print pretty and lovely. 


James is our in house self confessed genius and Technical Manager! Anything you need to know about anything - he's your man!

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Tyrone is our amazing Sales Manager in charge of making sure we hit those targets every month and  all of our customers are happy.  He spends a lot of his free time working out..

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Andy has been making our doors now for 5yrs  - he started with us as an apprentice and now knows the doors inside out. He is also obsessed with cars.

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 Andreas is one of our machinists and joiners who loves spending time with his little boy.

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Kim is in charge of our business development and CPD presentations. He's a dab hand at understanding the design world and loves his holidays as well!

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