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A development with a difference

Black Terano E80 doorsets on a Black Cladded House

Images Info
UF TGDH 017 main
Designed to mimic farm Buildings
UF TGDH 010 011 main
Our Terano E80 doors with Option 11 handles
UF TGDH 014 main
The doors match the frontage and blend well with the dark cladding
UF TGDH 026 main
The buildings work well with the farm buildings
UF TGDH 019 main
Disappearing door? Maybe not, but close!
UF TGDH 008 main
Black stands out in an all white and oak interior
UF TGDH 006 main
Vaulted cieling helps make the place looks bigger
UF TGDH 004 main
Living room

These beautiful houses were inspired by surrounding farm buildings and have a funky contemporary look. Our Terano E80 doorsets were chosen to keep a very uniform look along the frontage and eventhough the doors slightly disappear into the cladding you can still see that they are there.

The houses are three bedrooms but appear bigger due to the big vaulted hallway and contemporary features like polished concrete flooring and white walls.

For more information about these houses contact TG Designer Homes http://tgdesignerhomes.com/contact-us/

Architect: On Architecture http://www.onarchitecture.co.uk/