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Designer Pet Flap with a Difference

It never occurred to me until we got a cat last year, how important a pet flap can be. Particularly essential when your cat isn’t homebound, pet flaps have definitely come a long way in the last few years. However, if you are having a spectacular door (and not to forget an expensive one too) then it’s pretty much a shame to have a white eyesore of a pet flap ruining its’ natural beauty even if it is a side door.

So we have a fantastic product that allows you to ‘hide’ your pet flap on the outside of the door, keep you safe with extra security and also prevent all of those drafts that come with having any sort of opening at the bottom of your door. As a side note this pet flap is also Passive House certified and the pictures we’ve included are of a house which is Passive as well.

As you can see on the outside the pet flap is barely visible and opens automatically for your cat/dog as they approach and then closes automatically behind them (working from a chip under their skin). It also has a remote control for you to lock it if you need to and security bolts to ensure no-one or nothing else can enter. For more information about costs and details about our Pet Flap please call our office on 01494 778787 or e-mail us: info@urbanfront.co.uk

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