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Feature Internal Doors

Grand entrances have made a comeback and there is no denying that it’s changing the way we use our homes.

The rise of internal doors

Nowadays hallways are being built bigger – double height ceilings, aluminium curtain walling, large front doors or double doors and a plethora of rooms leading off the hall to the perfect open plan space. 

Regardless of the fact that there are now fewer internal doors in any one house, they are becoming more of a feature. How to achieve this is in my opinion simple - think big and impressive.

If you are going for white doors, don’t just have a standard size. Create a large opening big enough to accommodate one large pivot door/pocket door. Or double doors that will practically announce someone’s entrance into your main living room.

If the interior doors are going to be hardwood, consider creating a design which attracts attention or using spectacular handles. As much as this works to create focal points, it’s worth reducing the importance of doors to cupboards or the downstairs loo. So, concentrate your efforts on the rooms that are fundamental. If your house has 15 internal doors, there is no need to have great doors upstairs where no one will see them!

Make sure all your doors regardless of where they are, are sound proof, well insulated and meet fire regulations and then contemplate spending your money and budget on the doors that matter creating a heart to your home with impact.