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A guide to door maintenance

Spring and summer are a good time to take a close look at your hardwood door and decide whether or not it needs maintenance. whether your door has been in situ for several years or more recently installed, it all depends on the following points:

A sizeable canopy or porch is the best way to minimise wood door maintenance

1. Is your door covered by an overhang or porch?

Does your door get a lot of rain, sun, or general weathering? A door with no overhang will undoubtedly get more rain and sun than one with cover. However, some overhangs only cover part of the door so there may be weathering in some areas. Some doors are so set back or covered that can last many years without needing any maintenance.

2. Where is the location of the door in the house?

This matters because a south-facing door will get more sun than a north-facing door.

maintain lacquered wood door

3. Is the door oiled, lacquered or painted?

Oiled doors can need re oiling anything from once every 6 months to once every year depending on how much weathering they get. Lacquered doors tend to last a lot longer mainly between 1-15yrs depending on location. Painted doors on the other hand can last from 5-15yrs+ depending on exposure.

4. Where is the location of the house itself?

Is the house by the sea or in a town? Doors on houses by the sea will be subjected to sea air which can cause erosion of the finish applied and more regular maintenance will be needed. Some doors in a harsh environment like Iceland will also be exposed to more rain and snow and therefore need a higher protection on their surface.

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Signs your door needs maintenance

  • If you see bare wood, then your door needs a light sand and a coat of finish.
  • Any black lines, spots or degrading of the wood means that your door has gone for too long without maintenance. However, it's still fixable. Your door can be sanded and refinished.
  • Thin splits in hardwood are a standard occurrence but large splits may mean that your door is getting too much sun or weathering. Consider adding an overhang if you don't have one to address this issue.