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6 architectural door trends for 2024

Sustainable, handcrafted and minimalist are just some of the words used to describe door trends for the coming year. And black is staying at the top of the trend charts as an ever popular choice for homeowners. Read on to find out more.

Sustainable Lens
6 Architectural door trends 2024 1

Sustainable lens

Remodelling or extending existing buildings rather than building new ones is a key trend in 2024 and beyond. Products that are durable, long lasting and from a source that can be identified and replenished are also proving popular.

High tech home

The Smart home trend isn’t going anywhere but it is getting increasingly sophisticated. Control your door from anywhere in the world, ask your robot to vacuum or get the kettle boiled before you even set foot in the kitchen. This technological wizardry can now be managed via one system rather than many, which is a distinct advantage for homeowners.

6 Architectural door trends 2024 8
6 Architectural door trends 2024 6

Handcrafted pieces

There is a special bespoke beauty in making something by hand. Next year will see the revival of handcrafted pieces throughout the home to achieve an eclectic, unique interior and to create a story to share.

New minimalism

The new minimalism comes with a twist. It’s no longer just about interiors decorated with neutral colours and sparse furniture. ‘Less is more’ now means paying attention to the quality of building materials (such as glass, marble and stone), choosing products with high functionality, and not being afraid of colour. For doors, this could mean opting for a concealed handle or perhaps colour on one side.

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6 Architectural door trends 2024 2

Statement curves

Curves are unexpected, playful and welcoming: they make your home stand out from the crowd. Look at this stunning curvy staircase, which creates the perfect contrast to the angular lines of the windows and front door. Doorway arches and curved walls are other ways to add contours to your home.

Bold black

This neutral continues to rise as a very popular choice for both buildings and doors. Last year, we made more black doors than any other and textured black is in high demand. The black cladding trend continues apace, and the shade has even overtaken grey as the choice for window colour.