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Porch design: form and function

Ideally, your porch should be beautiful and practical. Here are 10  tips on how to ensure the space combines aesthetics with functionality.

1. Be creative when planning your porch – it’s a chance to make a design statement to wow and welcome visitors. A well-designed porch adds kerb appeal, especially if your home is a contemporary one or has a boxy shape.

2. Always go bigger than you think you need (if you can) – there should be enough space for someone to stand comfortably in front of your door.

Porch design form and function blog urban front41
Porch design form and function blog urban front43

3. Materials used in the porch area should be durable – consider stone and slate for steps and porch landings and wood, zinc, and stone for wall cladding.

4. Decide where to position your post box, lighting, and doorbell to ensure you have room for everything.

Porch design form and function blog urban front42
Porch design form and function blog urban front46

5. For a symmetrical look, opt for wall lights or floor lanterns on either side of the door, or try a large pendant light in the centre of the porch ceiling. These could be sensor-activated so they light up when someone approaches your home.

6. Make sure the porch provides enough protection for your door – allow an overhang of at least 900mm or 1m to the front of the door and, if possible, the sides as well (aim for a minimum of 500mm for the sides). Shielding your door from rain and sun means less maintenance to keep your door looking beautiful. 

Porch design form and function blog urban front44
Porch design form and function blog urban front47

7. Ensure rainwater can drain properly – an incline on the overhang and a way for the water to escape the entrance area freely is a good option. Effective drainage directly in front of the door area is vital too.

8. Thinking about planting in advance is a good idea so you can allow space for hanging baskets and pots for example.

corten porch - urban front
porch design form and function urban front

9. Consider adding different finishes from the frontage of your property to your porch. It can work well to add a new material too for extra impact – think Corten steel planters or a wood trim for example.

10. If space allows, add seating or storage such as a bench, wellington boot rack, umbrella stand, or logs.