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You’ve got mail: the merits of the practical postbox

Common in the US, the postbox is having something of a moment in the UK for both aesthetic and practical reasons. For example, a traditional letterbox means your house is less insulated and less secure. It might mean letters damaged by pets or, if you’ve got glazing, it could advertise your absence as your post piles up. Perhaps a matter of opinion but letterboxes just don’t work with some designs – think those with a bronze finish or any door with ridged elements. Have we convinced you? Here are some things to consider before taking the post box plunge.

Yellow Postbox - Urban Front door
Postbox front door ideas

Contemporary vibes

Make sure your box is the correct size for the type of post you regularly receive – go for a minimum of A4 or your post will get bent.


Make sure your box is lockable so your post can’t be stolen.

Contemporary vibes

If your postbox isn’t going to be under a canopy, make sure it’s waterproof to keep your mail out of the rain.  


Don’t be afraid to be bold – go for a bright colour, interesting design or unusual finish.


Consider adding your house number or name on the post box so it’s practical too.


You might choose to coordinate your post box with other finishes on your home – perhaps opt for the colour of your windows, door or trims.


Our top postbox finds for 2024

If you don’t have room on the wall of your house or your drive is long, this metal pillar postbox with corner slot might be the one for you because it can be bolted to the ground. It’s lockable, supplied with two keys and made from Corten Steel.

Mixing rustic spruce with industrial galvanised sheet metal, the Aldsworth postbox features a simple hinged lid. Best positioned in a sheltered area, it’s designed without a lock.

Be bold with this yellow aluminium postbox featuring bespoke black acrylic numbers. Other colours also available. 

With designer credentials, this simple stylish design is wall-mounted and includes a key lock. Made from galvanised and power-painted metal, it can withstand all weather conditions and can be personalised too.

For sleek style, look no further than this stylish mahogany wall hung postbox with metal interior. Best protected from the sun, a lock can be added to your order.

For a vintage vibe, the Chicago copper mailbox is made from rustproof galvanised metal in a square envelope shape.

Add a pop of vibrant colour to your home with this London classic postbox in hot pink. Embossed with the word ‘POST’, a curved lid and a secure lock, it’s made from robust steel.

Make a style statement with this bespoke grey wall mounted postbox – you choose the font, font colour and wording. Lockable, it comes with three sets of keys.

Stand out with this rusted Corten Steel postbox, which features a hidden lock under the lid. You can add your own wording too.