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Large front doors

When your space allows it, a large front door can create maximum impact at the front of your property. But what constitutes a large front door? And how do you go about choosing one for your house or development?

Urban Front specialise in large or wide front doors

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There is no right or wrong way to size a door but there are guidelines that should help to determine why size is important.” Urban Front co-founder and designer, Elizabeth Assaf

How big is an Urban Front large front door?

Urban Front are proud to offer large front door sizes up to 1500mm W x 3200mm H.

How to order a large front door

If you know the design, finish and size specifications of the door you're interested in, contact us for a quote here. You'll be able to enter your large door dimensions in this form.

Alternatively, you can call our office on +44 (0)1494 778 787 and one of our door experts will be happy to discuss your large front door requirements.

If you still need some design inspiration, browse our front door designs here.



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