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door ordering terms & conditions

Orders shall not be binding on Urban Front Ltd if they contain terms and conditions contrary to the following:

1. Wood is a natural material and its aesthetic appeal and durability cannot be replaced by man made materials. With a little care timber will out perform any substitute. However unlike engineered wood there are attributes about natural woods that need to be accepted and understood before making a purchase. All our doors are made from engineered composite cores laminated with natural solid woods and some includes inserts of stainless steel and made from natural material that are susceptible to seasonal changes, humidity, heat and rain. We cannot accept liability for natural movement or distortion, warping, swelling or splitting which is caused by our product being exposed to extremes of temperature or humidity, or incorrect fitting, storage, or lack of maintenance. A bow of 5mm along the length of the door shall be deemed to be within manufactured tolerances.

2. It is the responsibility of the customer to check all details of acknowledgement of orders, and to notify the Company immediately of any discrepancy. All our orders are produced as per the CAD drawing that we produce, once signed the order will be produced as per the drawings sizes and specifications. No work will be undertaken on verbal instructions. Confirmation by hard copy is essential before work proceed.

3. All goods purchased from Urban Front Ltd remain the property of Urban Front Ltd until full payment is received.

4. Due to the natural characteristics of wood, no two pieces of wood are the same. This means that no two doors will appear exactly the same and may have colour and grain variations. Minor grain defects are considered part of natural wood characteristics.

4.1. Because of seasonal changes and the characteristics of natural wood, a small amount of natural movement will occur, and our doors are made to accommodate these movements. Splits can also appear on all natural wood products and regular maintenance in terms of filing and refinishing might be required.

4.2. All our doors are supplied with full factory finish unless otherwise requested at the time of order.

4.3. All samples provided by Urban Front are for indication only. Wood is a natural product; grain, colour and texture vary between samples of the same wood.

4.4. It is strongly recommended that our doors are protected by a porch or a soffit to prevent excess water especially on horizontally grooved and stainless steel cladded doors. In the event that our products are stored or maintained in any way contrary to our published recommendations (see our brochure/website for Care and Treatment information) Urban Front cannot accept responsibility for the performance of its products.

4.5. All the doors in our catalogue/website have been pre-finished and don’t necessarily represent the exact colouring of the wood. There will always be some variation not only between printed copy and real product, but between products photographed in different light conditions and wood of different ages and finish. The colours in this brochure/website are a guide only and shall not form part of this contract. This is not a sale by sample contract.

4.6. Doors ordered specifically to exclude Urban Front factory finish will not carry our coating warranty.

5. The aperture should be measured by the person fitting the door. The buyer is responsible for ensuring that all applicable measurements and specifications provided to Urban Front Ltd are accurate. Urban Front Ltd cannot take responsibility if they are incorrect.

6. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that his/her order satisfies all building regulations and other statuary requirements. We will take no responsibility if these requirements are not met. If in any doubt, please ask your building inspector before you place your order.

7. 50% payment in cleared funds is required in advance on all non stock products and the remaining 50% is due in cleared funds 10 days before delivery. All products are made to measure and cannot be returned unless they carry a manufacturing fault and it is reported within 2 working days of receipt. Any defective product should be made available for our inspection.

7.1. Any claims for damaged or missing goods need to be reported within 2 days of receipt and confirmed in writing within 5 days. Where the goods have a manufacturing fault than Urban Front Ltd shall have the right to repair or to replace them. If faulty goods are replaced they shall belong to Urban Front Ltd. In all cases our liability will not exceed the replacement of the door.

7.2. In all cases the liability of Urban Front Ltd shall be limited and shall not exceed the original price paid except in the case of death or where the law does not allow liability to be limited or excluded.

8. All deliveries are chargeable depending on load and location. Any dates given for delivery are estimates and time shall not be of the essence. Should goods be ready on time of delivery, but held on customer’s request, these shall be deemed to be delivered and invoiced accordingly. Any goods held pending customer’s revised delivery instructions shall be charged storage and handling, and all goods will be held at customer’s risk from said date.

9. We cannot replace any door whether faulty or not after alterations have been made to it.

10. All quotations are given subject to availability of stock and wood and quantity of stock available at the time of quotation or order.

11. All details are correct at the time of going to print, but please note that all prices and ranges may be subject to change without notice.

These terms and conditions should be read together with our Care and maintenance information (See our website under maintenance section).

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