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CPD presentation: Specifying hardwood timber external doorsets

The objective of this CPD presentation is to enthuse and inform architects about specifying hardwood internal and external doors. It also includes detailed information about Passivhaus doors.

The presentation is both engaging and informative and allows architects to get their hands on samples, sections and cut-aways (we always find architects love getting to grips with the actual products).

We include a large number of quality photographs of UK and international installations showing a wide variety of specifications and settings.

The presentation normally takes about 40 minutes and there is an opportunity for a question and answer session at the end. 

The learning outcomes are:

• Improved ability to specify hardwood timber doors
• Understanding Passive House doors
• Awareness of challenges with hardwood doors
• Better understanding of accessibility, sizing and longevity

The topic headings are:

• An introduction to the various products available in the UK market as a whole
• Typical Requirements in Design
• The pros and cons of timber (hardwood)
• Insulation and Acoustics
• What is Passive House?
• Passive House Doors
• Security – Rules and Regulations

a. Secure by Design
b. CE Marking
c. Mortice and Multipoint locking
d. Cylinder and Key Security
e. Means of Escape

• Accessibility and Size
• Stability
• Longevity Timber and maintenance
• Timber in design
• Environmental impacts
• Legislative requirements
• Open Forum – where detailed project issues can be discussed.
• Summary