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Discover the differences between hinged & pivot doors

If you’re on the hunt for a new front door, then choosing the opening style of that door is just one of the many decisions you’re currently facing.

By opening style, we’re referring to a more traditional hinged door opening or a very contemporary pivot style door opening.

At Urban Front we want to make choosing your new door as simple as possible. So if you're feeling indecisive on this particular point, we’re here to help!

Keep reading to find out more about which style is the most suitable for your home.

Pivot Doors look stunning & contemporary - but they’re not the best choice if your facade is in an exposed location

The main benefit of a pivot door is undoubtedly that it looks stunning (and expensive!). If your house is very modern in style, a pivot door will only enhance that styling further.

However, it’s important to note that a pivot door comes with a couple of extra things to think about - especially if you’re limited on space or the door will be fully exposed to the elements.

Location - a pivot door generally isn’t suitable for semi-exposed or exposed locations. While it is weather-sealed, there are still 2mm gaps at the corners of the door. This means that in certain cases, you could find a very small amount of water ingression during bad weather if the door doesn't have additional protection from an overhang or porch, for example.

Similarly, this tiny gap may affect the results if your house is being air tested. If this is important, a hinged door may be a better choice.

Space - with great beauty comes a little compromise. The pivot is placed 200mm from the edge of the door so you will naturally see reduced walkthrough space. If you’re already short on space, then again, a hinged door may be a better option for you.

While hinged doors work in any location & are fully weather-sealed - they’re as beautiful but not as unique as a pivot opening

If you know that the points raised above apply to your situation, then a hinged door is by no means a second best option!

Where the pivot style cannot be fully weather-sealed, the hinge style is. In fact it’s double weather-sealed all the way round the door. It also comes with high air-tightness (1.2 UValue on standard doors & 0.8 U Value on Passive certified doors). Making it suitable for any location, exposed or not.

Where space gets compromised with a pivot door, it’s not an issue with the hinges.

Should you choose a pivot or a hinged door?

The choice may seem difficult but essentially it comes down to making sure the type of opening is suitable for your needs and the location.

Choosing a pivot door is really about choosing style. And being aware of the potential downsides will help you to decide whether it’s the best option. You may still want to accept those downsides to go with an entrance that’s as eye-catching as it is functional, even if the location or space isn’t ideal.

But if you know that you wouldn’t be happy with anything other than full protection from the weather or that realistically the width available is limited. Then choosing the hinged option is definitely not a downgrade!

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