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Contemporary front doors

Urban Front create bespoke, contemporary front doors designed to transform the entrance way in to your home. Our solid wood, designer front doors are handcrafted right here in the UK, to a high-performance specification that includes double steel reinforcement and a unique ventilation system to prevent movement and warping.

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Designer front doors with the bespoke flair you need

Whether you're after an external door for a house or business property, our solid wood, designer front doors bring interest, functionality and performance.  

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It’s not every day that you buy a front door. It’s one of those big decisions you make for your house and it can impact your lifestyle just as much.” Urban Front co-founder and designer, Elizabeth Assaf

Our hardwood timber doors are manufactured in-house at our workshop in the UK. With unique designs and a wide range of finishing options, our exclusive doors are suitable for older more traditional buildings as well as the very new contemporary style abode. Urban Front combines wood, glass, and stainless steel with a steel reinforced core to totally exceed your door expectations.

We’re also proud to be LPCB & Secure By Design certified. In a nutshell, this means we care about your front door security as much as we do about making it look good.