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Raw front door

This design has the most complementary name - nothing could describe it better. 

The "Raw" is a simple design with no grooves and only the horizontal grain of the wood to give it a bit of character. Also available in vertical grain ("Raw V").

It's the ideal choice if a non-fussy option is needed to blend into the facade or hallway design. 

Raw front door options

Dive into all the detail on our Raw designs in the picture gallery and dropdowns below. This information will help you to understand all the bespoke choices available to you.

Do get in touch if you have any questions or need advice. 

Door materials: natural hardwoods & RAL-painted options

This design is available in 4 natural hardwoods: European oak, iroko, American black walnut or fumed oak.

The beauty of real natural hardwood lies in the individuality of every piece and “hardwood-style” doors cannot compete with the luxury, statement or texture of the real thing. 

  • Our real hardwoods naturally have small variations in colour and grain patterns from door to door. This delivers a unique, exclusive door every time.
  • The above swatches give a general colour and grain indication.
  • We have lots of wooden door images in our gallery for reference and can also arrange for samples to be sent to you. 

Contact us here or call on 01494 778 787 if you need additional help & information regarding our wood choices.

As well as natural hardwood, we also offer a painted door option, using any colour from the RAL chart:

Good to know:

For the most economical door material choice, choose a RAL-painted finish. For the hardwoods, the lighter European oak and iroko will be at the lower end of our price scale while the ultra-exclusive fumed oak and walnut will be more expensive.

We strongly recommend that fumed oak & walnut doors are protected by a porch or canopy to minimise the lightening effects of UV rays from the sun and keep maintenance to a minimum.

Door opening style: hinged or pivot
  1. The main difference between a hinged and pivot opening is visual.
  2. A pivot opening is a very popular contemporary style and makes a bold statement. It will reduce the walkthrough area by around 150-200mm compared to a hinged door, so keep this in mind when planning your space.
  3. The minimum width of our pivot doors starts at 1200mm (including the frame).
  4. There is no price difference between these 2 styles of opening.

 View our short animations below to see a hinged & pivot opening in action.

Door sizes

Urban Front specialise in custom dimension, extra wide and/or tall doors but we also make standard sizes (or below).


Hinged opening

Pivot opening

Standard sizes (up to)

1040mm (w) x 2100mm (h)

1200mm (w) x 2400mm (h)

Max. sizes (up to)

1500mm (w) x 3000mm (h)

1500mm (w) x 3000mm (h)


Good to know

  1. Doors larger than our standard door sizes use more materials and take longer to make, our pricing structure goes up in increments based on this.
  2. When you request a quote, we'll ask for the total structural opening size including the space for the frame and any side/overhead panels. Measurements don't need to be 100% exact at this stage but as close as possible to ensure we quote the correct price band.
  3. We will need the final precise measurements once your order has been placed (we recommend asking your builder or fitter to confirm these for you, if they haven't done so already when you request a quote).
Door structure: recessed or fully flush

The door structure relates to how the door is built and how it looks within the frame. We will ask you whether you want a recessed or fully flush door.

Recessed: the external door face ("door leaf") is slightly set back in the frame. This door is 80mm thick (part of our e80 range). 

Fully flush: the external door face ("door leaf") sits flat in-line with the front of the frame. This door is a market-leading 98mm thick (part of our e98 range).

Watch our animation below to see an example of the visual difference.

Good to know

  1. Internally, both options are built flush.
  2. A fully flush structure comes at a premium price to our standard recessed construction.
  3. We recommend choosing a recessed door if air-testing is important.
  4. We recommend fully flush doors are protected by a porch or canopy - learn more about the benefits of canopies here.
Door configuration & glass options

Glass/wood panels

Urban Front can provide an enormous variety and combination of configuration options and you can choose to have matching wood/glass side and/or overhead panels.


We also offer soft/self-close options - ask about our concealed door closer (if choosing a hinged door) or our sprung pivot door closer (for pivot doors). These prevent the door from slamming shut which is ideal if you're planning to fit the door into full wall architectural glazing or glass side panels (sidelights).

Door locking & security

All of our locking systems are highly secure and a 5 point lock is fitted as standard on our doors. 

Optional extras:

You can choose to upgrade the locking to our other systems:

  1. Self-locking (mechanical, no wiring required)
  2. Motorised locking (electrical, wiring required)
  3. Fingerprint entry: register up to 99 fingerprint sets to unlock the door from the outside without a key. Also requires motorised locking.

Please note:

  • Motorised locking is supplied fitted only and will require a professional electrician onsite for final wiring.
  • Urban Front can supply the fingerprint entry option but does not supply or fit other 3rd party keyless entry systems.

Choosing any of these optional extras will increase the price of your quote v.s our standard 5 point locking system. Download our front door specifications to learn more about locking.

Urban Front are LPCB & Secured By Design certified. Learn more about front door security here.

Door handles & accessories

We offer a range of high-end solid bronze, stainless steel and black (PVD coated) handles. Our primary offering is pull handle styles but we have some lever options too.

We also offer a small selection of additional door furniture like letter plates and mailboxes.

Click here to browse our handles & accessories.

Prices from £

Front door prices for this design start from £6000 +VAT. The final quoted price will depend on the chosen:

  • Material (real hardwood or RAL-painted)
  • Size
  • Structure (recessed or fully flush)
  • Configuration & glass choices (choice of additional side/overhead glass or wood panels)
  • Locking system
  • Handle/any other accessories

See the dropdowns above for more about how the choices in these areas can affect the quoted price.

We're here to help you refine the options and create your perfect door. Give us a call on 01494 778 787 to discuss or request a quote to get your bespoke price.

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