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Acorn Developments in Bristol

This handsome development had 15 houses townhouses with the majority of the doors in one style. 

The External Detail 

This contemporary development of townhouses comprises rows of houses with very similar front doors. They are a mixture of either a single door or a door and a sidelite all in a painted finish. The buildings have wooden cladding on the ground floors with white rendered walls above and anthracite grey windows which leant themselves well to a painted doorset instead of hardwood.  On some of the houses a balcony with the same color trellis detail as the doors is a prevalent design and on others the buildings are simpler and uniform. All the doors on the development were the same design with the same handles and letterplate details. 

The Details: 

Porto e80 hinged doorsets in a painted RAL light grey 

Option 13 pull handles 

Letterplate and tidies 

The Layouts: 

Single door or Door plus one side lite in clear glass 

The Internal Details: 

The grey of the doors works well with the oak flooring throughout the houses and the pristine white walls. Keeping the design simple means it should appeal to all potential clients.  in order to bring light into the areas that needed it some of the doors have side lites in clear glass. 

Developer: Acorn Property Group 


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