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Marcus Hawtin Homes

These two individual one-off houses by Marcus Hawtin Homes in the South East are a great example of high end developments with both garage and front doors in Iroko to match the cladding. 



The External Detail

The developer was keen to create an expensive feel with double doors sitting in the aluminium glazing at the entrance to these homes. These were to be horizontally boarded to work with the vertical cladding which runs across the top half of the building amongst the stone and grey detail.  In addition, the row of 3 x garage doors at the front of the building needed to match as well and echo that high end feel.  

The details and layout: 

Rondo e80 hinged double doors in Iroko with stainless steel inserts

3 x up and over Garage doors in the Rondo design with stainless steel inserts 

The Internal Detail

You'll notice that the front doors look a little lighter on the inside, this is because Iroko darkens in the sunlight. This was photographed only a few months after installation so by now these doors will be darker. The developer has used the doors to warm up the otherwise contemporary and stark interior. The matching window above the double doors really highlights the door and is a great detail in this galleried entrance. 

Developer: Marcus Hawtin Homes


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