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Urban Front doors
What do you need to give me a price quote?

Initially, we would need a structural size i.e. a height and width, a type of finish and a design choice.

How do i measure for my door?

A rough measurement of the width and height, which you can measure at the top of the door, middle of the door and the bottom of the door to ensure there is no discrepancy.

Can you advise me on the best door for my property?

Yes, we offer a free design service so it’s best to either call us or email us with as much information as possible so that we can come up with some options for you.

How much do your doors weigh?

They can weigh anything from 100 to 180kgs for a front door.

Do your front doors open inwards and outwards?

Yes, you can specify which way you’d like the door to open.

What does steel reinforced mean?

Steel reinforcement is a steel frame within the door which helps reduce warping. Warping occurs due to the strength of hardwood when it moves during the change of seasons.

Are your door measurements in inches, centimetres or millimetres?

We usually work with mm or cm but are happy to accept inches and feet as well.

Do you do site visits to take measurements?

Due to the fact that we don’t fit, we don’t take measurements. These should be taken and confirmed by whoever is fitting your door for you.

Will i need a new frame for an Urban Front door?

Yes, we only supply our doors with their own frame due to the bespoke nature of the door and its hardware.

Can i get samples of the wood finishes?

Yes, all you need to do is send us an email or give us a call and we are happy to post these out to you.

You can learn more about our natural hardwoods here.

Can we fit our own handles to your doors?

Yes, we are able to fit these for you in our workshop or we can send the door to you without any handles for you to fit on site. But please be sure to check with us about specs of where the handle can be fitted due to our steel reinforcement.

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