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Door security, testing & accreditations

security testing faqs
What testing are your doors compliant to?

Our doors have been security tested to LPS1175 SR2 and are Secured by Design.

Are your doors produced to SBD/LPS1175 standard?
Do your locks comply with insurance company requirements?

Yes, we do comply with most insurance companies, and we are able to supply your insurance company with the relevant information so please do email us.

Do you have security glass in your sidelights (glass side panels)?

Our standard sidelights include for double glazed units, but we are able to supply security glass at an extra cost.

Can I connect my home automation system to my door/ garage door?

Yes, this is possible depending on the system. For front doors, you would need to order a motorised lock/ electric latch or fingerprint entry.

If you have multiple doors, can you have one key to open all the doors?

Yes, we call this "sweetening your cylinders"! So please do let us know when you place your order if this is what you’d like.

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