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Choosing Garage Doors

Imagine your perfect garage and it might surprise you: gleaming floors (like in a Formula One garage), superior storage, car turntables (a few of our customers have these and they aren’t just for shortage of space), an annexe (fit for your mother-in-law) and ‘the door’ – actually make that ‘doors’ – triple garages are all the rage!

The choice nowadays for garage doors is huge probably even more so than front doors. A lot of our customers tend to leave garage doors till the end because unless there is storage in a garage it really isn’t the most essential part of a build to worry about but it can be integral to the design of the front of the house. My mantra with choosing garage doors is ‘there is no need to match’ and I see more and more people follow that now too. Design isn’t everything though, the type of garage door to choose is even more debatable; there is up and over, folding, sectional and sliding to name but a few.

We always suggest that practicality is the first thing to think about and here are some of the questions to consider:

How is the garage going to be used?
Do you need a pedestrian door?
Is it going to hold storage / an annexe above / cars only / ?
If it does need to match, what should it match – windows / doors / walls / exterior cladding?
What size does it need to be? And how tall? Do I have the height for an up and over, for instance?
Do I need to consider gas metres or anything like that that could be in the way of a certain type of door?
In terms of design, does it need vision panels? Should it simply match any timber on the front of the building or be the opposite? Should it blend with the rest of the building?
Does it need to be automated?
Do I want a painted or a timber door?
I suppose this list could go on forever but I hope this encapsulates the most important issues to consider. We’ve found that most garage doors tend to match the front door or the windows/walls and can be quite a statement in their own right. You can see some images of this sort of thing at the top of the blog. Whichever you decide always consider that the garage doors can take up a large part of your frontage and they need to be just as good looking as the front door.