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Fumed oak wood doors

Take European oak and fume it with ammonia to achieve a rich dark chocolate brown with the occasional blonde strip and you have fumed oak. Hugely popular despite the price tag, it is a beautiful option and extremely elegant. 

Have a look at some of the examples below of fumed oak doors in our clients' homes. 

The Shutter House: Rondo V fumed oak front door

This elegant home in the South of England got us very excited when we saw the images: it's a perfect example of a fumed oak door and how well it works with other timbers. 

Fumed oak in itself is a regal wood with lovely patterns and blonde strips so pairing it with a painted RAL frame may seem odd. But these photos prove that it can be a success. Add a hand-cast bronze handle as the finishing touch and you have the perfect front doorset. Going for a dark wood to compliment the light timber is a great way to give the door a wow factor and add interest.

The house is designed by Lewandowski Architects. The door is our Rondo V e80 hinged doorset in fumed oak with a painted grey RAL frame with bronze handle.

Contemporary house with fumed oak front door

This contemporary house features our fabulous Rondo V in fumed oak with painted RAL sidelights. which work beautifully with the copper overhang/entry detail.   The door in this dark colour creates a classical look with the bronze handles and detail. The house features two of our E80 doorsets: one as a pivot and one as a side door in a hinged version.

Combining bronze and fumed oak creates a classic contemporary feeling.

Terano front door & Parma garage door in fumed oak

It's never a simple task to modernise a traditional brick house and make it fit a more contemporary look. On this house, they've used the Terano E80 hinged doorset with a sidelight to update the garages Parma fumed oak up and over garage doors.

The fumed oak doors on this occasion are a mix of blonde and dark brown and have lightened over six months.

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