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Coloured-oil oak wood doors

The natural grain and texture of a hardwood front door is so often what appeals to clients. Sometimes, especially in contemporary builds, a door is needed to match or complement other materials being used on the frontage. If the door is painted, you lose the natural texture and achieve a completely smooth finish. So when you want to keep it but tweak the colour? Oil-staining. 

For darker shades we use ebony, teak and walnut oils to replicate darker wood shades while maintaining the underlying wood grain (usually European oak). We also offer lighter shades in white and grey. 

Check out some of our completed projects below. 

Chartwell Barn: ebony stained wood front door

The owner-designed, Chartwell Barn, is a self-build encapsulating elegance and contemporary living. We love the way the front door is framed by aluminium glazing above and to the side and opens into a galleried hall muted to tones of concrete grey and black.  

The front door (which is oversized with a pivot opening) is a mixture of designs – the Rondo V and the Lettera. The client was eager to match to the cladding as much as possible so instead of a black painted RAL door, he opted for a European Oak hardwood door stained with ebony oil.  The letter etching and concealed handle complete the story creating a front door of dreams.

Door details:

Door design: Rondo V/ Lettera e98 flush pivot  

Door finish: Oak with ebony oil

Handle option: Concealed

Door size: 1.4 x 2.9m


1970’s refurb in Hertfordshire: grey oil stained door

Vista is a modern refurb of a 1970’s house in the Hertfordshire countryside.  With quite a few planning restrictions, the front of the house could change but the bricks had to be retained so this limited some of the choices when it came to the design of the house.

The dilemma for project-owner Mrs. Tanem, was that she wanted a grey door but really didn’t want a standard grey RAL-painted door. To overcome this, one of our designers recommended our Raw design in oak with a grey oil finish. This method softens the "yellow" of the Oak while still allowing the beauty of the natural wood grain to show through. It's elegant, stylish and more unusual than a painted finish. Mrs. Tanem also chose a concealed handle which adds to the contemporary feel.

Door details:

Door design: RAW

Door range: e80 pivot doorset

Door material/finish: Oak with a grey oil

Door size: 1200 x 2400mm

Handle option: concealed


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