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Hurst House

The Porto E80 Pivot in a lot of glass finishes this building

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casestudy markhurst 4
Porto E80 Pivot in Iroko with large side lie in clear glass
casestudy markhurst 6
Inside view showing the impressive staircase and contemporary hall
casestudy markhurst 1
Porto E80 Pivot front door
casestudy markhurst 2
Beautiful Lines and glass reflections allow the door to stand out even more
casestudy markhurst 3
Porto E80 Pivot door in iroko
casestudy markhurst 5
Large Pivot doors can really make an entrance

This award winning house features our Porto E80 pivot door in Iroko. This choice of timber blends very well with the rest of the building with it's stone, rendered and grey features.  The architect specifically wanted the door to have a doubled up frame at the top for it to slot into the frameless glass storeylite. The internal view especially works with the stark yet impressive hall and staircase.