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front door ideas for brick homes

While brick might generally be more associated with traditional house builds, it certainly has the versatility to cross genres into contemporary-style abodes too.

Read on to learn more about choosing front doors for brick houses. 


Types of brick houses from modern to traditional

It can be hard to choose a front door that works with the varied styles of brick houses that are scattered around the UK.

Many houses were built in the 60's or 70's and are slightly modern - but not enough for something too contemporary.

Others are very traditional but are being updated and need something to bridge from old to new. 

There are also new builds built with brick and white windows that don't really fit into any design genre other than perhaps mock Georgian or circular 1990s.

In addition, there are the houses being extended with a very obvious contemporary addition, making the front door a really hard decision.

things to consider when choosing a front door for a brick house

1. The colour and tone of the bricks

Brick is one of the trickiest finishes to match to because of the varied tone and colours each brick has. If you are considering hardwoods like Oak, Iroko and Fumed Oak, bricks with a beige and brown tone work well but bricks with a redder tone work better mainly with Iroko.

Consider the flecks of colour in the brick too, as these could be the best way for choosing hardwood. Rule of thumb though is to either go lighter or darker to get the right match.

2. The colour of the windows

The window colour can really determine the choice of hardwood for a front door - or at the very least, needs to work with it.

Red brick really suits lighter and/or warmer woods, especially iroko, European oak & walnut and white, brown or black windows are often a natural choice to go alongside (grey windows are less suited here). If the house is brown brick, white, brown or black windows can also still suit but the front door will tend to work better with the more yellow/brown tones of European oak or Fumed Oak.

In general European oak probably offers the most versatility when it comes to making the different colours of front door/windows/facade work, so when you're feeling really stuck, using this as a base is a good place to start!

The easiest way to progress your ideas is to have samples of all the finishes placed in a mood board style so you can really see how they work together.

3. The style of the house

Brick is so versatile that so many different styles of house are constructed using it. Just because it’s brick doesn’t mean it’s traditional or boring! So, considering the colour of the brick, the colour of the windows and the style of the house is essential. The design of the door, not just its finish can really create the best end result.

Avoid very contemporary designs on traditional houses because they can look very out of place. But that isn’t to say that a plain and simple contemporary design wouldn’t work.

Far from being restrictive, brick homes offer a wealth of choice when it comes to the choice of front door.

The best advice is to visualise your ideas as much as possible in the early stages. This can include physical samples but can also be done on your computer - even if it's copying and pasting image inspiration into a powerpoint document!

Ultimately, when you’re considering a new front door for a brick home, it’s OK to be a bit bold and to think outside of the box. Different can certainly work to your advantage.

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