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What you need to know about pivot doors

Urban Front make one of the most airtight pivot doors available on the market and we sell them all over the UK and the world to all sorts of weather locations.   This information is to ensure you understand the product you are buying and are making an educated decision. 

1. Is there a benefit to having a pivot door instead of a hinged door?

No, pivot doors add no extra benefit to a standard hinged doorset.  Pivot doors literally hinge from the bottom and top of a door instead of on the side.  They are popular due to the design element of how they open.  In the past, pivot hinges were used for bigger doors, but now, we can make doors up to 1500mm wide on specially designed 3D heavy duty hinges too.

2. Is a pivot door fully weather sealed?

No, there is an area of 2mm around the top and bottom hinge of the door that the drop down seals don’t cover.  This means that the door could have some water ingression in driving rain or a little draft in very windy weather.  This is why we always recommend Pivot doors to be installed in a semi or fully protected location.

3. So is a pivot door suitable for an exposed area?

No, it wouldn’t be due to the points raised in Question number 2. However, if the door has a porch, is set back or has an overhang of a minimum of half the door size then the door would be fine.

4. Can I use a pivot door if I am air testing my new build?

You can still use a pivot door, but you will get air leakage in the door area, this is usually not taken into consideration because of the relatively small area in comparison to the size of the house, but for best air test results consider our E80Hinged or E98Passiv Range. Our hinged doorsets can still be made up to 1500mm wide.  Please note that our doors are regularly tested for air leakage.

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5. Will I lose space in the walkthrough area?

Yes, the pivot hinge needs to be placed at least 200mm – 350mm depending on the width of the door.  This means that on a standard doorset of 1200mm wide, you would actually have an opening of 930mm. On a hinged doorset of 1200mm wide your walkthrough would be 1113mm.

6. How do I know that a pivot door is right for my project?

Feel free to have a chat with us about your home, ask the question, we should be able to advise you and give you some help in making that decision.

7. Does a pivot door cost more?

All of our doors over 1200mm wide are the same price for pivot or hinged options. A pivot door does need a minimum width of this size. This is why they are more expensive than other doorsets that are at a narrower width. Doorsets narrower than 1200mm are only available in the non-Pivot Doorset Ranges.

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