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Is a metallic finish the right choice for your front door?

With so many finishes now available to choose from, it can be a daunting process deciding which to go for. The trend for copper, rose gold and gold finishes has definitely gained momentum over the last few years and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere soon. 

We asked our designer and co-founder, Elizabeth Assaf to tell us what she thinks of the trend.

‘Metallic finishes are versatile because you can create impact and be unique with earthy and natural elements which work well with so many different facades. For the foreseeable future they are definitely here to stay.’

metallic front doors work really well in:

  1. Rendered homes with grey slate roofing and black, grey or rust windows 
  2. Homes with an element of copper, stone or steel cladding or trim 
  3. Homes where an impact is needed for example if the frontage has no interest at all on the front and it needs an impact 
  4. Homes with oversized doors which need a ‘wow’ factor 
  5. Homes with an architectural glazed wall 

things to consider if you're thinking about a metallic front door

  1. The maintenance: if the door is scratched or damaged it’s harder to fix and needs a specialist 
  2. The cost – these doors need quite a big budget due to the labour cost involved with the finish.
  3. The change in the finish as the door oxidises – eventually, the colour on the door will not be as the first day it was fitted. 
  4. Making sure the door is protected enough from weathering with a cover or overhang 

how to choose the right finish for your front door

There are quite a few finishes to choose from – you could go quite rough and vintage with a finish that looks old from the minute it’s on or go for a more polished coppery feel. A few things to consider: 

  1. A mood board would be a great idea here: this will help take into account external and internal finishes to make sure you get it right 
  2. Marrying all the accessories around the door so that the whole thing works as a whole – this includes the handle 
  3. The texture of the finish can be quite strong/ impactful and so making sure the texture works is also essential.  A contemporary building for instance may look better with something that is a little more industrial than sharp and polished 
  4. Samples, samples and more samples – making sure you have a big enough sample to really be aware of the impact the door will have 

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Our bronze doors are made from natural hardwood and coated using special technology to create a solid metallic veneer. 

Our steel doors are made from solid metal and come in a variety of finishes.

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