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Choosing handles for your front door

It’s always the couples who walk into our showroom that struggle the most with choosing handles - because ultimately it’s a very personal choice.

There are some people who like their doors to be very crisp with no handles at all and others who like a very commercial look with the biggest handle they can get.

Usually, clients just want their handle to be as practical as possible which, inevitably, is easier said than done.

At Urban Front, the choice is actually minimised because you either go for a pull handle or a lever handle or none at all. However, the choice isn’t just for design purposes – it’s about how you are going to use the door too and how that relates to the locking system.

Lever handles

Lever handles are traditionally more popular but with our doors, using a lever handle means that your door would always be accessible unless the door is locked; ie anyone could just walk in if you forget to lock the door as the lever handle works with the latch.

Keeping in mind, it is ideal if you have a gated property and would prefer to be able to walk in and out of your house onto your driveway without having to keep your door wide open. However, if you have quite a large door, it could look wrong with small lever handles. Trying something a little different like our Option 2 handle could be a good way to update a lever handle.

Pull handles

Pull handles look very contemporary and can really change the feel of the door if used cleverly. Shorter pull handles look more residential while longer ones more commercial. Full length pulls can give a bit of drama whereas a quirky pull may just be that little bit of wow an entrance needs to make it stand out.

An example of this is our Option 11v which usually goes with our Milano door. The feel of a handle seems to make a big difference to our customers as well – square edged or round or something in between. Pull handles also affect the way the door is used in that once the door is closed and even if not locked there is no way back in without a key.

Concealed handles

The ultimate minimalist look you could opt for no handle at all. 

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Specialist entry systems

Finger entry seems to be very popular going forward this year and are a great way to not have to worry about keys. If used with a solenoid motorised lock then a lever handle is needed; other motorised locks can be used with a pull handle. If you are using another form of entry into your home like a number pad or an entry system where an electric latch is needed then you would always need a pull handle and not a lever handle.

Whichever handle you go for on your door, make sure you get as much advice about how it will be used and the practicality of that choice. Keeping in mind all the other hardware that might be on the door like letter plates, knockers, spyholes and numbers.

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